Vezgo API Now Powers Over 100 Cryptocurrency and Web3 Companies

Vezgo is designed to make it easier to connect fintech applications to cryptocurrency institutions and wallet data by reducing onboarding times by up to 80% and enabling fast and efficient onboarding. End users can connect to over 40 exchanges and wallets to retrieve balances, holdings, and transactions, making it the easiest way for people to connect their crypto accounts to any app. Vezgo ensures that every connection returns the exact same data formatting, giving the app unparalleled reliability and data consistency.

“We are growing rapidly and regularly onboarding international clients. We are confident that Vezgo will quickly establish itself as the standard aggregation engine for cryptocurrency institutions,” said Billy Kawasakimanaging director of Wealthica.

Use the Vezgo API to connect your users to their crypto institutions today!

About Wealthica & Vezgo:
Wealthica Financial Technology Inc. is a private company specializing in providing investors with a complete view of their financial data. It offers investors and financial advisors a dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of their financial data. Through the Wealthica dashboard app and Vezgo API, Wealthica serves over 50,000 users and brings together over $15 billion value of assets including crypto holdings, stocks and bonds, real estate, etc. Wealthica supports over 200 financial institutions, including many cryptocurrency institutions. Vezgo, the cryptocurrency API, is designed to complement the powerful aggregation technology behind Wealthica and enables an easy method of connecting crypto institutions to Fintech projects and applications.

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SOURCE Wealthica Financial Technology Inc.

For further information: Billy Kawasaki, General Manager, [email protected]514 312-3229

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