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Soundbanks are digital databases that contain samples and simulated audio from a digital musical instrument interface. Finding the right soundbank that can meet all your needs for the genre you are trying to produce music for can be an exhausting task as you will have to go site to site just looking for the best samples that are right for you. , all while avoiding licensing issues and copyright risks.

These risks can lead to your audio sample being claimed by a recording label, which will certainly affect any income you could have earned just because you used a sample that was not properly erased. The safest way to sample or use preset audio files as part of the music you create is to purchase the licenses for the audio you want to use from a sound bank.

Soundbanks are services that allow you to choose from instrument packs specially designed to improve the quality of your production. In this guide, we’ll go over the top 3 soundbanks that can possibly contain the sound and samples you need in your next project.

Unison Audio

Unison audio is definitely the first soundbank you might want to check out. They completely change the game by providing several different packs across every genre you can think of. They have samples and midi instruments for RnB, hip-hop, folk, reggaeton, neo-soul and any genre you could want to create. These packs once purchased can immediately improve your playing game and how you interact with your music. Each pack has built-in tutorials that can not only help you use the pack you purchased, but also a detailed tutorial on how to properly use each instrument.

Big Fish Audio

Big Fish audio has been around for years and is proud to be one of the largest soundbanks in existence today. They also sell different samples for different genres which are very well developed and contain erased and unlicensed samples. By purchasing the packs, you can use their audio in any way you choose. Big Fish provides samples that are unique to their website and accessible exclusively through them. So if you want one-of-a-kind production packs then the Big Fish Audio, while much more expensive, might be the choice for you.


Zero-G is a sound bank that sells audio packs and virtual instrument packs protected by Sound Miner metadata. They sell music audio packs and even audio packs specially designed for gaming. Sound effects for film production are also available on this website. This soundbank gives you access to their library of audio samples and virtual instruments of all genres and they include the rights licenses to the audio they sell each time a buyer buys them a pack.

After going through this guide, you now know where to get the best samples and virtual instruments for your next project. These websites have sample content and even tutorials for each instrument in the pack you purchase.

By making sure you only get your samples and audio items for your music by purchasing them through a soundbank, you are not only protecting your music by having unique accessories for your music, but you will also be protecting yourself from any legal issues. that could occur if you use a licensed or unauthorized sample. Browse each of these websites, pick a pack, and your next masterpiece is just waiting to be made!


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