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PRESS RELEASE. “Creating a neo-banking super app for crypto and digital assets has been blockbank’s ultimate vision since its inception. Throughout the past year, we have listened to our growing user base, acquired global licenses and built the ‘one of the most technologically advanced software in this space,’ said Anastasija Plotnikova, CEO of blockbank.

Blockbank is available on the Apple and google play stores for download and provides the end user with a portal to all things banking, digital finance and cryptocurrency. Having multiple back-ends with a front-end establishes a multi-faceted user-centric experience allowing each user to choose how they want to participate not only in the app, but with their own personal finances.

The app aims to offer its users an unprecedented set of options. First, when fully KYC and assets are held in-app, users can wager, earn, and trade. Second, where users can be fully decentralized, they can directly participate in the DeFi space while maintaining their own assets themselves. Third, they have access to a bank account number allowing them to send or receive traditional money. By the end of this year, a fourth component will be enabled – a functioning global crypto credit card allowing users to spend or withdraw money at any ATM in the world.

Blockbank was recently announced as the winner of a European Fintech Hackcelerator by Acceleration point and was invited by the Monetary Authority of Singapore participate in Singapore Fintech Festival, from November 2 to 4. It is important to note that in the European Fintech Hackcelerator, blockbank was the only company run by a woman.

“The digital landscape is fragmented and complex, presenting investors and users with risk, security and navigation challenges. Our vision was to defragment finance and create a simple, easy-to-use platform where users can meet all their financial needs, regardless of vertical, in one great app. We can now proudly say that we have achieved our goal. said Kelghe Dcruzco-founder of blockchain.

Managing your finances, whether traditional or digital, shouldn’t be difficult, risky or expensive. While traditional finance views digital asset holders and users as “high risk” and makes little or no effort to serve them in a compliant and fair manner, blockbank’s mission is to create an environment to from scratch to meet the needs of individual and institutional users.

“With our latest release, we are taking a major technological step forward. We’ve worked hard to make speed improvements to the features blockbank users use the most. And with an update, we’re adding new levels of security powered by Fireblocks. I’m sure our users will love it as much as we loved developing it. — Dmitrij Radin, chief technology officer at blockbank.

The avalanche network is now available.

Users can easily access hundreds of AVAX tokens on the AVAX chain. This will allow users to easily participate in DeFi or Cefi services within the app, eliminating the need to use different apps for each network.

Faster transactions with lower fees

Since the launch of block bankthe team continued to work on speed, stability, and improvements so users don’t have to compromise speed and stability for a low fee.

Improvements in the software have significantly increased the speed of transactions. Users can now enjoy faster deposits, withdrawals and transactions. This upcoming release introduces improved transit fee and swap calculations for all current and future protocols.

Neo Banking transactions will now run faster and more efficiently, with the ability to deposit funds into users’ blockbank wallets using their card. In the near future, users will be able to top up their cards directly in EUR, GBP, USD and CAD.

Focus on safety and convenience

Blockbank has entered into a partnership with firewall, a leading provider of blockchain custody services for moving, storing and securing digital assets. Fireblocks is a digital asset custody, transfer and settlement platform.

Users can now access decentralized financial services more easily and quickly. When accessing the centralized section of the application, the KYC (Know Your Customer) process will take less than three minutes.

Integration of Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains are the leaders in the decentralized domain space. Blockbank users can purchase their decentralized domains without leaving the app.

The domain purchased will replace a long and complicated wallet address with a unique, easy-to-read domain of the buyer’s choice.

A new definition of digital asset accessibility

The Blockbank team is pleased to announce that with the rollout of V3, the application will now be able to integrate North American customers.

“Being involved from the start and as the first investor in the project, I am beyond excited to see Blockbank’s progress. I see such potential here to solve real-world problems – obstacles that other Blockbank founders and I have encountered with banking and traditional finance. It’s been a long and arduous road, but now we’ve laid the groundwork to help our users mitigate these issues. – Darren Franceschini, co-founder of Blockbank.

The community remains the engine of our resilience, inspiring innovation and shaping future app updates. With the unwavering support of the community, blockbank is poised to become a true CeFi, DeFi and neobank powerhouse, taking the complexity out of digital asset management and opening up a world of opportunities for its users.

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