Wichita Shipping Container Mall is getting a new bar and will soon add a small cafe as well

They first opened a hair salon. Then they added a bar. And then the owners of the Fox & Ash hair salon at Revolutsia – the shipping container mall at 2721 E. Central that also ProstWine Flower and Ze German Markt – will also add a little cafe.

The new bar is called Good Company Taps & Spiritsand it belongs to Andrew Schwartz and Caleb Porter, who in 2018 open a Wichita location of their McPherson based Fox & Ash hair salon in a space on the upper level of Revolutsia.

Good Company Taps & Spirits is next level at Revolutsia. It opened on September 1.

The duo had also long dreamed of opening a bar and were close to adding one to Revolutsia before the pandemic hit, Porter said. Two years later, they finally succeeded. The owners moved Fox & Ash into a larger shipping container next door and used the empty space for Good Company.

The bar, which Porter describes as a cocktail hall with cocktails, opened on September 1. It is connected to the barbershop and is big enough to seat around 15 people inside. There is also a decent sized patio outside which will seat around 20 people once the patio furniture arrives.

In addition to local beer, craft cocktails made with homemade mixers, and a menu of “interesting” spirits not readily available in Wichita, Good Company also offers a gourmet menu. it offers LMNO Pizza from Mount Hope as well as locally made empanadas by Argentinian empanadas. It has charcuterie boards.

Porter and Schwartz haven’t finished developing in Revolutsia either. Soon they will support another shipping container and expand Fox & Ash so that it can accommodate 10 barber chairs instead of six.

The owners of Fox & Ash and Good Company will also soon be adding a cafe called Pennant Coffee to Revolutsia.

The owners of Fox & Ash and Good Company will also soon add a cafe called Pennant Coffee to Revolutsia.

Also, within the next two months they will be opening a small cafe called Pennant Coffee in a 160 square foot container just east of the bar. From there they will sell coffee made by McPherson based Pennant Coffee Roasters and will have a full menu of espresso drinks as well as pastries by Pee Wee + Sweets Bakerythe new bakery in front of Revolutsia.

Although the small Pennant cafe can only accommodate a few seats inside, customers will be able to use Good Company’s indoor and outdoor seating.

Good Company hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.

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